Features of Simple Plan CRM Software

Invoice Management

Simple plan allows you to generate invoices from the logs and filter details for plan managed and self-managed participants.

Cloud-Based CRM

Access information and manage client plan details in real-time from anywhere, anytime.

Tracking and Overview

Helps to track the progress of the plan and gives you an overview of your monthly and annually NDIS transactions.

Uploading and Exporting

Service providers and support coordinators can upload bulk amounts of invoices to the NDIS portal and also export it to excel.

Activity Log

Create, view and manage all logging activities carried out for each participant by service providers and support coordinators.


Service providers and support coordinators can pre-schedule the services for the participants as well as their duties.

NDIS Participant Management

Simple Plans NDIS participant management module is the single point for collecting, organizing and managing all the core information of NDIS participants and their plan details at one place.

Forms for Data Collection
Service agreement management
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Roster Scheduling

Manage and create a perfect schedule for your support agents using roster scheduling modules. Schedule the support agents and plan providers for each participant at the right time across different locations based on their availability.

Schedule support agents to different locations
Build and share instant schedules
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Budgeting & Reporting

Create invoices and manage budgets and credits for participants easily and more accurately with reduced errors. With Simple Plans budgeting and reporting module, you can generate invoices based on logs, calculate bills for services and keep track of each participant’s NDIS plan budget.

Bulk billing and invoicing
Monitor client budget efficiently
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Simple Plan CRM

Comprehensive solutions for NDIS service providers

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